You’re probably wondering where I’ve Ink Monkey
been hiding. Actually, up a fig tree. That’s me, taking a break from grinding ink. You see, the ancient Chinese scholars had pet monkeys to grind their ink and turn their pages. That’s my training, and Sherrie is very lucky to have found me. I do lots of other things, too, that Sherrie claims to do, but that’s okay. I’m here to help and to tell you about these wonderful prints that Sherrie designs and sells here.

I know you’ve looked around the web for the print you want. You saw all sorts of designs and you came back here. Why? Because you recognize good art and design. And even if you don’t know much about calligraphy — the art of beautiful lettering — you can still tell good from bad, and there is a lot of bad out there. I tell you, Sherrie’s a pro.

And not only is she a top-notch calligrapher and artist, she’s such a perfectionist, it drives me crazy. If there is a tiny — and I mean tiny
— mark on the print that doesn’t belong, she throws it out and starts over. And the paper, mats, backing board and even the tape (!) she uses are acid-free, just in case you need this to last for generations. If you want quality, you came to the right place.

And, I think you know this, but Ink Monkey Press is not some big conglomeration where you don’t know who you’re dealing with or in which country. Sherrie runs this Ink Monkey Artplace. She answers the phone and gets your order out in time. If you need something super fast, just call. Let her know. She’s been helping people like you since 1996.

Well, I better get back to work. Here I am signing Sherrie’s art — and she thinks she does all the work!

Come visit again soon!

The Ink Monkey

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