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24 patterns of wisdom

24 Patterns of Wisdom

24 Patterns of Wisdom:
Navigating the challenges and awakenings
of the human journey

by Anthony Lawlor

Anthony Lawlor has offered a brilliant and stunningly beautiful
visual mandala of the souls journey. 24 Patterns of Wisdom take
the reader on an in-depth, experiential journey into the
archetypes that underlie our life situations and offers
healing as well as meaningful reflection.
RICK JAROW, Ph.D., author of The Alchemy of Abundance

24 Patterns of Wisdom is an inspiring, visionary book.
Anthony Lawlor gives us a groundbreaking guide to finding
clarity in confusion, harmony in conflict, and comfort in chaos.
Through wonderful drawings, insights and stories, we learn to see
the world anew and feel inspired every day of our lives.
I love this important and wise book!
MARCI SHIMOFF, NY Times bestselling author of
Happy for No Reason

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This book provides openings to "seeing the world anew." It presents 24 patterns of wisdom that map the road to finding out who you are, why you are here and where you are going. These patterns are visual diagrams of consciousness, illustrations that offer insight about where you are on your human journey and how one stage of experience grows into the others. This sequence of drawings helps free you from any single phase of development. It opens the way to engaging natural tides of change with greater happiness, peace and creativity... (from the introduction)

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