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Prints of Inspirational Words of Wisdom to Live By

From time to time, it’s tough for anyone to see the silver lining in their struggles. Give a loved one a physical piece of encouragement that they can read and look at every day from Ink Monkey Press! We offer inspirational poems about life and words to live by in gorgeous giclee/lithograph reproductions of original calligraphy designs by Sherrie Lovler.

The inspirational words of wisdom you see below are of famous life quotes and poems, like “Desiderata” and “If” by Kipling, and “The Man in the Arena.” These wise quotes in stunning calligraphy speak of virtue, humility and perseverance, and invoke purpose and positivity, making this selection of inspirational quotes wall art perfect for graduation gifts or office decorations. Choose from single-matted, double-matted or framed options, and know that you’re getting a piece of artwork that was made with a higher quality of care that will last for generations.

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